Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today is National Ice Cream Day!

A moment of silence for my favorite Ben & Jerry's Wavy Gravy Ice Cream.

It was the perfect blend of creamy vanilla, thick ropes of caramel, fudge and delicious Brazil nuts.

'The ice scream originated and named after 60's hippie and clown icon Wavy Gravy aka Hugh Romney. Wavy mc'd all 3 Woodstocks and runs Camp Winnarainbow held near Laytonville, California, about 3 hours drive N of San Francisco.

The money Wavy would receive from the sales of the ice cream would go directly to his camp to help fund scholarships for homeless and under privileged children who lived in the Bay Area. The children were given the chance to enjoy a few weeks during the summer in the wilderness with kids their own age.'

I met Wavy once in the 90's during a book signing tour, sweet man.

If you loved Wavy Gravy Ice Cream, please join us in signing the Petition to resurrect it:

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