Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Grand Targhee with Widespread Panic

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We began our leg of the tour by driving from Seattle to Wyoming, through the clouds of the Idaho mountain passes.

Panic played Idaho the night before, they closed the Encore with a stellar 'Walkin' one of the tunes Dave Schools knows I chase. Walkin had been my therapy music when I was in the hospital in 99 due to a car accident. Only he and a handful of friends knew I would be at Targuee this summer and I thought this was his urging to get my butt in gear to shows. Im sure he wondered why in the world?, living so close, I mean we had to drive through Idaho to get to Targuee...but try as we did, it was just not possible. Idaho was changed to another outdoor venue and I was thinking that plus what all the hours of driving would do to my leg...

Sometimes we cant do every single show.

God's country!

The Tetons! Up close and personal.

After checking in to our lodge a few miles away we drove to Alta for the first show.

Many of our friends camped out.

In this shot you can see the entire village. The stage to the center/right, the hotels, the center, campers towards the top and left of photo.

The stage at the bottom.
This is what made it all worthwhile.

Jerry Joseph's set.

If you look closely, in the audience in front of the guy with his arms up, the red visor that was me. I had my head down because the sun was setting behind the stage at that moment.

This shot is worth clicking on and seeing full size.

Para glider who was with the film crew came in as the band was playing performing a few incredible moves like spinning in the air. I held my breath as he cleared the trees safely.

The snow melt caused some rather muddy and in places quick sand like stuff that sucked in your shoes or anything you had on your feet. Other than the helicopter sized skeeters every night at dusk, no complaints. I was able to manage the hills by hanging on to the arm of my gentlemen buddies.

The mud was fun for some. Enter "The Mud People" Woodstock descendants perhaps? covered head to toe, play sliding through friends legs...

I was wearing sandals the first night and managed to get a splinter lodged in my foot. The resort people kept pouring straw and wood chips on the mud in hopes it would soak most of it so we could get down to the stage every night safely without sinking ankle deep into it.

By the third night we knew pretty much which areas to avoid completely and which stretches of half decent soil we could safely step on without sinking. But those who were inebriated or stoned left plenty of shoes & sandals behind.

Most folks with children remained at the top of the hill.

Girl loses shoes at Targuee while JoJo sings "Dont Wanna Lose You"

There was this incredible moon.

Show streams:

Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, WY

Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, WY

Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, WY

You can also find the soundboards and videos of this spectacular weekend at:


Next stop; SEATTLE.