Monday, July 5, 2010

Seattle 4th of July fireworks

Absolutely gorgeous, 70's partly sunny, got a sunburn at the beach last week, still putting aloe on my forehead because my skin is peeling, was dumb enough to forget my hat.

It drizzled max 15 minutes on the 4th, there were tables of food outdoors, grilling going on...nothing stopped, drizzle passed, I wore cotton...fireworks on the beach went off as scheduled...skeeters are out..

Some people, including weather folk, constantly whining...about how 'awful' it is around here when folks are passing out in the streets from the heat on the east coast. Frankly ridiculous. Sorry, but someone had to say it. Well, your freaking heatwave is right around the corner, hope YOU enjoy it cuz I wont be. Its my time to bitch now LOL!

I ♥ the Pacific NW!

You want heat, humidity...there's always the East Coast YO.

Im here for the weather.

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