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His Royal Highness PRINCE

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, to get through this thing called life!..."

Was the opening intro to the show.

When tickets went on sale for the Prince Tacoma Dome show we considered the VIP seats but now that I finally attended my first Prince show at that venue - Thanks to an early Christmas present from my wonderful son. - I am glad my seat was on the floor instead of so close-up to such a high stage in that cramped area which seemed to be reserved for people who wanted to 'be seen' and not get down and funky like the rest of us - I mean, who sits during a Prince show? Not me! I guess the only good thing about those seats was the goody bag that came with it.

VIP section before it filled up.

My ticket said 'row 3' but there was no first row, Im assuming to leave that space open between vip seats and our seats so my row turned out to be 'row 2' instead. I was thrilled.

I loved every minute of the show, including the variation on Lil Red Corvette as I love unpredictability or I am easily bored.

Prince has always been on my Bucket List and I'm thrilled to be able to finally cross that off. I hope Prince returns to the Seattle area sooner than the 7 years of drought. Canadians got a 3 hour show, but I am willing to bet because American artists rarely venture out of their 'comfort zones' that it was a well deserved special royal treatment.

When Prince performed 1999 I had a flash-back of a New Year's Eve 1999 Widespread Panic show at the Fox Theater in Atlanta where the band and crew came out to wish us all a Happy New Year to the tune of Prince's 1999.

I was hoping Sheila E would show up, specially since she lives on the West Coast but was happy when Prince introduced Maceo Parker who I've had the pleasure of seeing perform since his days with James Brown at the Apollo in Harlem.

I dont know if Prince performed for 90 minutes because someone was taking photos or a fan sneaked under the stage as is the rumor but from the looks of traffic after the show Id say I didnt blame him for bolting as he had an after show jam going on in Seattle.

You could tell how much he loves his fans when several times throughout the show, he asked for the house lights to be turned up so that he could see the audience. During "Nothing Compares To You" I had my fan in my hand and arms raised as we all had because he had asked us to and he pointed at me at the word "YOU!" *swoon*

Loved the sequined gold pants he wore during Purple Rain and the gold mylar and purple paper confetti that rained down on us was incredible. One of my neighbors at the show, who'd seen her fair share of Prince shows told me that was a first for her.

Seattle Times Photo

I only wish he'd done Diamonds & Pearls but all in all, it being my first Live Prince show Id say that I certainly wouldn't have complained had he played longer but it left me me wanting more, definitely not unsatisfied. A grand affair.

Tacoma Dome setlist:

Lets Go Crazy, Delirious, 1999, Little Red Corvette, Take me With U, Raspberry Beret, Cream, Dont Stop Till You Get Enough, Nothing Compares 2 U, Cool, When Doves Cry, Nasty Girl/The Most Beautiful Girl In the World/Forever In My Life/Alphabet Street., I Would Die 4 U, Hot Thing, Kiss. Encore: Purple Rain, Controversy.

I also made it to the after show in Seattle in SODO at Club Republiq which was a funk fest. My only complain is the address on the ticket receipt was wrong, it directed people to Belltown but I lived downtown Seattle for some time and I knew something was off, asked a cab driver who directed me to the correct 1st Ave.

I didn't arrive till after 1 AM but was told Prince had not played yet. When he came out he was wearing shades, a red blazer with pink shirt and fedora. Maceo joined him on stage and we got down for another four hours of funk.

This is part of the set list I've been able to gather so far...- corrections are welcome.

Stratus, Pass the Peas, Calhoun Square, Dreamer, She's Always in My Hair, Which Way is Up, Everyday People, wanna Take U Higher, Better Way, Lets Go, Waiting In Vain/Crimson & Clover, Lets Get it On, Empty Room, Peach. You're My Everything.

I stepped out into the cold night basking in Prince After Glow, I dont even think my feet were touching the ground.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Mickey Hart Band with Dave Schools

What a FUN show last night! Still recuperating.

Sweet Scarlet, The Other One, Muddy River...Fire!!

Reminiscent of the band Mickey toured with after Jerry Garcia died except with the special added treat of laid down funk of Mr. Schools. Wish he'd done more of the spacey tribal stuff mentioned in this article

The Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart Is Having a Conversation with the Infinite Universe

Follow the next link to:

Introducing: The Mickey Hart Band

A link to the stream of the show in Seattle

Stream for Mickey Hart Band at the Tractor Tavern Seattle WA 12.1.2011

Chris Davis photo.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Children not taught CURSIVE in schools

Will cursive go the way of the hiroglyphics?

Why are the parents in my friend's circle so laid back and unphazed by this?

Why are my writer friends quiet about it?

To me, this is the equivalent of burning books.

What will happen years from now when young people stumble upon old letters, official records, backs of old photographs, postcards, legal documents, medical records, post it notes...?

Will they need translators?

Yeah yeah, Im told cursive is no longer used as much 'because kids type their assignments now.' How come no one seems too concerned we are raising a generation of tethered machine dependents.

My teacher friends tell me that 'since "No Child Left Behind" and mandatory standards there isn't as much time to teach some of the things we learned when we were kids.'

One of my friends tries to build in time for cursive for her 4th & 5th graders by giving them a packet, but they mostly have to do it independently.

My son learned to read and write cursive at home before he began pre school but he got better at it in school thanks to his teachers. My mom was a 30 year old retired NYC teacher. I wonder what she would say about this.

Another friend recently told me 'he can type 100 words a minute so he doesn need to write cursive.' I type over 100 words a minute and still feel the need to write cursive. You CAN do both.

Seems to me cursive will become a foreign language. I wonder if it will be a foreign language to be included in a resume.

Update 12.5.2011:

School, Teachers and Parents with a backbone:

Waldorf School Of The Peninsula In California Succeeds With No- And Low-Tech Education

'The Waldorf School of the Peninsula sits in the midst of Silicon Valley, home to the nation's leading tech companies and startups. It educates the children of tech gurus and executives of the technological industry. But the school itself teaches without digital assistance.'

I'm sure someone, specially those who make money from this, might disagree or just blow it off as a non issue. My honest opinion is Technology has no place in early grades in schools. Introduce it later. Maybe in the latest years of JHS, maybe not till HS.

No wonder our school system is going broke! Introducing technology that is obsolete in a year's time.

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Evening Walk on The Marina

By the time I got to the Marina a few nights ago the sun was already setting but there were still quite a few people walking the trail.

After I stopped by QFC to pick up some groceries and on the drive home I noticed the moon coming up... So I raced to the bluff by the house to take this one. My camera doesnt do very well with night shots. Next camera will be a different story.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beautiful Scars

A year ago today my best friend left his paw print on my heart.


Eric McFaden sings it best.

August 8, 2011

Dearest friend, today marks a year since I last held you, the pain is not as terrible but the scar is still there, I will go to my grave with it.

I hope you are happy and no longer suffering where ever you are. I hope someday we see each other again.

Your bed is still in the same spot it was where you left it. Your indentation, hairs...still there. I touch it, talk to it on occasion. It makes me feel better. I had a goal to put it away when the year of your death rolled around but I havent been able to bring myself to do that just yet.

Most of your things found a new home..except your favorite toy. I also watch your videos from time to time..not every night like I used to for weeks...they put a smile on my face.

You were the best friend anyone could have. I hope you forgive me for the times I didnt have the patience or was too rushed to pick you up, hold you...I wish I could have those moments back. I wish many things, most of all I wish you peace.

Love forever.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our Sunset

So beautiful it almost made me cry.

Please click on the photo for full size image.

So quiet and still I could hear the conversation from the tiny boat far away in the next two shots.

Ripples in still waters...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Grand Targhee with Widespread Panic

Click on any photo to view full size.

We began our leg of the tour by driving from Seattle to Wyoming, through the clouds of the Idaho mountain passes.

Panic played Idaho the night before, they closed the Encore with a stellar 'Walkin' one of the tunes Dave Schools knows I chase. Walkin had been my therapy music when I was in the hospital in 99 due to a car accident. Only he and a handful of friends knew I would be at Targuee this summer and I thought this was his urging to get my butt in gear to shows. Im sure he wondered why in the world?, living so close, I mean we had to drive through Idaho to get to Targuee...but try as we did, it was just not possible. Idaho was changed to another outdoor venue and I was thinking that plus what all the hours of driving would do to my leg...

Sometimes we cant do every single show.

God's country!

The Tetons! Up close and personal.

After checking in to our lodge a few miles away we drove to Alta for the first show.

Many of our friends camped out.

In this shot you can see the entire village. The stage to the center/right, the hotels, the center, campers towards the top and left of photo.

The stage at the bottom.
This is what made it all worthwhile.

Jerry Joseph's set.

If you look closely, in the audience in front of the guy with his arms up, the red visor that was me. I had my head down because the sun was setting behind the stage at that moment.

This shot is worth clicking on and seeing full size.

Para glider who was with the film crew came in as the band was playing performing a few incredible moves like spinning in the air. I held my breath as he cleared the trees safely.

The snow melt caused some rather muddy and in places quick sand like stuff that sucked in your shoes or anything you had on your feet. Other than the helicopter sized skeeters every night at dusk, no complaints. I was able to manage the hills by hanging on to the arm of my gentlemen buddies.

The mud was fun for some. Enter "The Mud People" Woodstock descendants perhaps? covered head to toe, play sliding through friends legs...

I was wearing sandals the first night and managed to get a splinter lodged in my foot. The resort people kept pouring straw and wood chips on the mud in hopes it would soak most of it so we could get down to the stage every night safely without sinking ankle deep into it.

By the third night we knew pretty much which areas to avoid completely and which stretches of half decent soil we could safely step on without sinking. But those who were inebriated or stoned left plenty of shoes & sandals behind.

Most folks with children remained at the top of the hill.

Girl loses shoes at Targuee while JoJo sings "Dont Wanna Lose You"

There was this incredible moon.

Show streams:

Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, WY

Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, WY

Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, WY

You can also find the soundboards and videos of this spectacular weekend at:


Next stop; SEATTLE.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


This wont be us as we plan to be dancing around a camp fire to Jerry Garcia tunes but in younger wilder NYC, stumbling in and out of bars...arriving home Sunday morning, fish net stockings torn...eyeliner the Whore of Babylon.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Enjoying the little vintage tinsel tree & cool led decorations.

Loved couch t00r listening to Widespread Panic New Year Eve show streaming from my computer and 'Sharon' with the man himself! David Bromberg. It just doesn't get better than that, well, better would have been being there but we cant do them all.


Its been in the 30s for a couple of weeks. We had hail twice and it has not melted. It has been a chilly winter. I plan to go out for supplies in a day or so and prepare for holing myself up again as we are expecting snow. These are the times I miss my Jeep.