Saturday, February 6, 2010

One more business gone

Bummer. Another wonderful store closed its doors in town The Metropolitan Market organic market. The only place in a 20 mile radius that carries Karam's Tahini Garlic Sauce for my vegetarian Falafel or organic organ meats for Oliver - he needs these for his Chronic Renal Failure diet...they also had kick ass kitchen gadgets, unique greeting cards by local artists...gourmet delicacies...

Sure, there is fabu Trader Joe's but they do not carry anything close to those things. The Metropolitan Market had wine tastings, they were a central part of the Redondo/Dash Point Beach communities, a quaint part of south Seattle nestled by Puget Sound.

I believe in supporting local businesses and it breaks my heart to see this happening.

I shopped there the day before it closed, spoke with employees, told them how they would be missed and how much we appreciated them. They thanked me. I was informed the store would be relocating any employee that wanted to stay with them. Some would be going south to Tacoma, others to West Seattle, Kirkland.

I am glad Metropolitan Market is making a real effort to help keep their staff off the unemployment rolls. In this day and age when corporations usually only look out for their CEO's

I wonder what is going to happen to the other stores surrounding that space. Metropolitan was the anchor store there.

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