Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If you cant beat em

Feed em! (or beware!) disclaimer and consequences below...

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Its gotten to the point I cant feed the Blue Jays because the squirrels are scavenging for anything and run the Jays away from their plate of seed.

Dry leaves dont even last long on the deck, I caught one of them with a mouth full of leaves scurrying away. I suppose I should be thankful they are keeping the deck pretty clean!

Update 1/12/11 Well, that worked pretty well for about a couple of days, except, we live a block away from a State Park so, we think, that every squirrel in 50 mile radius of the house now knows that we put corn out for them so two or three become territorial over the corn & the weaklings bully the birds. The saga continues.

Update Feb 2011 ~ The restaurant is definitely closed to the cute critters. I now sprinkle this stuff

Uncle Ian's

An organic repellent. The squirrels (which are usually 4 at the most) were at last count about 30, some began chewing 6-8" gashes on the deck rails.

Back of rails.


Sorry squirrel lovers! What's next my attic?

Stocked up on it when Fred Meyer's had a sale recently. It must be sprinkled after each rain but so far so good. It is working great. I also fill a little bag of it and hang it on the bird feeder.

I had two bags of corn, returned the un opened one, the customer service lady told me her mom feeds squirrels and she has to replace her screen door every year because they chew right through it.

I had to pull the Welcome mat.

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