Saturday, September 4, 2010

Diets. I hate them all

I have an aversion to diets. When some folks go on and on about how they weight themselves, their foods...then proceed to lecture at lunch, dinner....I cringe. To me, dieting is like religion, a personal matter.

When anyone rattles off about 'weight watchers' and 'points' I just want a big piece of chocolate cake.

At a gathering, some time ago, the friend of a friend was dispensing pieces of a dessert she made. Strangely, my piece was the size of a thumb nail while everyone else's normal. This coming from someone who was far from svelte or even close to what is perceived as a 'healthy weight' herself. I almost gave it back and told her she needed it more than me but graciously accepted and later helped myself to seconds. I made sure she saw me. Not that I even really wanted it. Revenge was sweet.

Here's a newsflash, I dont need anybody overseeing, supervising....what I put in my mouth or assume they are doing what is 'best for me'. Thanks, but no.

I come from a Latin background on my mother's side. The women in my culture have curves and till my accident, weight was something I never gave a second thought to.

I had always been an avid hiker, dancer, I walked and walked and walked some more. When I lived in NYC walking from Bloomingdales to the Village was never a big deal.

I still try to walk, just not as much. While we are on the subject of walking, after my accident I've had 0 invitations to 'go walking' maybe because I cant walk as fast as others? I wonder. I dont expect people to change their habits for me but once in a blue moon would be nice to walk with a friend. Just saying. Just putting it out to the universe.

The good thing is, I have been the same weight for 4 years, which means my body must have reached a plateau. The bad is that I feel now that I am older I should rid myself of the lbs that slowly crept on since the accident.

I guess I really dont hate diets, I hate the nagging, lecturing...

Last spring while I was planning a birthday celebration for my son a friend panicked when she saw the menu included:

Ina Garten Mac & Cheese

A recipe she made at one of her parties.

Amy Sedaris cup cakes...I mean really? Its a birthday party. I am not forcing anyone to eat anything. If you dont like what I cooked please feel free to bring your own, I wont be offended, honestly. I know some folks have special dietary requirements, Im not completely insensitive. I love my friends but seriously, I just dont want to hear it constantly because it is borderline nag. Thank you.

Past couple of years my blood pressure was elevated. Maybe almost losing my son had something to do with it. You think?

Despite better eating habits the not being able to get around as well did not help so the doctor prescribed statins but they made me horribly ill, every muscle in my body was so sore I could barely walk, move, get out of the car...on top of my bad leg it was no freaking fun.

So my doctor helped me wean myself off them. It took almost a year of being off them for the horrible muscle pain to fade away! That was scary.

I have begun forcing myself to have breakfast, never being a breakfast person as I was always nauseous in the AM since childhood. I have terrible school bus memories. This was, I think, one of the biggest changes.

I am also forcing myself to have snacks, a few blanched almonds with a yogurt and maybe one string cheese. Added niacin, coq-10, fish oil as well as flax seed to my meals.

Last month the doctor happily informed me my blood pressure is normal again (yes!) I was really surprised because after the loss of my Oliver that was the last bit of news I expected but there it was. Relief.

Im slowly dropping weight. I dont weight myself every day. Id rather stick pins in my eyes. The closest my 'new' habits resemble any sort of 'diet' is a modified South Beach although without so much meat, eggs...more veggies. SB doesnt allow fruit on the first week and I have a small slice of honeydew melon at dinner or lunch. Grilled fish with lemon. SB allows avocado, which I love and so on...

I have oatmeal in the morning, half an orange, cottage cheese mixed in with milled flax seed. SB does not allow cereal in the AM, that includes oatmeal. If I dont have oatmeal in the AM then my stomach is churning all damn day, there may be a possibility I will have another form of starch that is worse for me to quell that pain. Besides, oatmeal reduces cholesterol. So there.

I have cut juices as they are very high in sugars and sodas (love orange soda but never had more than one glass a day, if that. still.) I thank my friend Sara for introducing me to La Croix Lime Water, love it.

No bread and pasta for now. They will be introduced slowly in a week or so. But I am not a big fan of bread either and I love having a veggie burger with melted cheese smothered in onions and peppers. Instead of ketchup, I have salsa, which is allowed in SB. Ketchup may be introduced later. SB also has a recipe for ketchup I have not tried yet. Dont miss the bread at all.

A note about salsa. I was shocked at how high some salsas are in sodium content. I checked many and found that Paul Newman's was one of the lowest in sodium content.

Pasta, I only had it once a week, if that. My son loves whole wheat pasta, Im not crazy about it and honestly, regular pasta and whole wheat is really not that huge of a difference in nutritional content.

I have contemplated making my own but we are a small household and unless I made a lot which probably would go bad if not used right away...what would be the point?

I substitute heavy cream with Greek yogurt in recipes and so on.

I am wearing a pedometer. Ten thousand steps a day is what the doctor orders. I make a point to walk at the beach a minimum of 15 minutes a day, weather permitting. I love rain so its got to be pouring down to deter me from it.

My point is, if we make small gradual, healthier, educated changes we can still, on occasion, reward ourselves and still be good to our bodies.

I want a sign that says 'Warning Diet Police Not Welcome'

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